For children



A hanging armchair is a great place to relax with your baby and rock him to sleep. When the child grows up, you can replace the chair with, for example, a ” stork’s nest” swing or a hanging chair with a backrest.

Tipi of our production is a good choice for a cozy nap or when you want to watch your child playing. This way you can comfortably lie down with your baby close to the floor. Frame your baby’s photos in a collage of photos and create a very personal mural. Frames are also available in our offer.

House bed every child dreams of! The product will go well with the Scandinavian interior of the house. The crib is made of wood and the safety of the kids is ensured by carefully sanded boards with rounded edges, as well as the bed frame placed low.

Safety gates

The baby safety gate guarantees a secure and stable attachment even when shaken. The tested child safety gate is available in various sizes and colors. It zips automatically and closes reliably and can be mounted with a latch on the left or right side, depending on your needs. The safety gate can be installed with or without drilling, making it take about 5 minutes.

Garden accessories

Wooden sandbox with benches

The sandbox from our production is weatherproof and durable sandbox is a suitable place for your children to play. In the sandbox, children will find enough space for creative play, such as building castles, making sand muffins or desert rally. When opened, the lid forms two comfortable benches. When not in use, the lid can be closed to protect the sand from unwanted moisture.

Foam puzzle

Creating a safe environment in which the toddler can practice new skills is the primary task of parents , a mat made of foam will help. Stable mat, it is hard enough so that the child can practice unhindered and not collapse (compared, for example, to the bed), and at the same time soft enough to ensure safety in case of falls, which are an indispensable part of the process of learning to walk, for example.