Home furnishings


In the household there is a lot to do every day – both inside and outside your own four walls. Wire baskets, cutlery organizers thanks to these household helpers you will save yourself a lot of trouble and work, gain time for other, more pleasant things in everyday life. In this way, household helpers quickly become good friends.

Large selection of household goods

A wide assortment of household goods is complemented by doormats and thermometers. Choose from great designs, especially for doormats, and turn any door, whether it’s a front door or a garden door, into a particularly inviting place. Color-matched tablecloths or pillows will make your home look harmonious.

Boxes and organizers

Storage is one of the challenges of good organization and no closet has infinite capacity. The more stuff we have, the harder it is to store it all comfortably. A shoe binder, vacuum bags, plenty of shelves and storage covers will allow you to pack everything away after the season.

Typically, we tend to accumulate a variety of items that have nowhere to fit. Regular “decluttering” of our cabinets, drawers and shelves is one thing, another is the ability to decide which things we actually use and are important to us, and which would be good to give away or sell.

Puffers – beautiful models

Puffers do not always have to consist of heavy upholstery. We prove that traditional furniture ideas should be thrown overboard, because current trends show us graceful poufs made of wire, metal, which look very graceful thanks to delicate legs and crossed metal profiles.

Hangers for clothes

In our can not miss products that will facilitate organization in the hallway, dressing room, or in the study. Supporters of traditional and simple solutions, you can choose between wooden hangers and mobile hangers equipped with wheels. The latter are ideal for dressing rooms, youth rooms and laundry rooms. A hanger with a rack is a neat combination of two functions to save space. You can also find practical covers for clothes with or without a window, thanks to them clothes will be perfectly stored, will retain their shape and color.


An important element of fans is the propeller, which, with the help of rotating blades, circulates air in the room. Depending on the model, the device has from three to five such rotor blades. The constant circulation of air provides a cooling effect on the skin supplied by the fan, while the actual temperature remains unchanged. The technical details of each device depend primarily on the type of design or purpose. Floor fans, desk fans and tower fans are available.

Something for the office

Desk pads & floor pads

Protective mats of our production made of the best quality polypropylene, thanks to which the surface will be protected against scratches. Mats in different sizes will be perfect under the office chair, on the desk or table. The waterproof material will protect the surface from flooding. The pads are hypoallergenic and odorless, making them suitable for everyday use even for allergy sufferers.

Trash garbage cans

Trash garbage can with wooden lid , metal baskets made of the best materials, resistant to damage with a classic design will easily fit into any interior. The lid with imitation wood can be opened easily and intuitively.