Product of the month

Product of the month

Children love playing in the sand! A sandbox is a garden feature that gives children much-needed sensory input and endless possibilities for play. Sand is such an interesting thing, whether as tiny grains of sand, or – mixed with a little water – as a wonderful sand slush, from which you can create sand castles.

Our wooden sandbox is a classic model among sandboxes. The material from which it was manufactured by us is close to nature and unobtrusive in the garden. With proper workmanship and care, the wooden sandbox will remain very stable and will serve for many years.

Wind and bad weather can affect the sandbox over time, causing it to fade, for example. Therefore, it is especially important to properly care for it. Wood does not like to stand in a wet place all the time. Therefore, the wooden sandbox should be placed on a gravel base or other place from which moisture can easily drain.

Enjoy sunny days together with your children and make sure to get a suitable and safe sandbox with a solid closure and high walls. Such a design will provide all kids with a safe place to play that they can’t get out of so quickly.

We are pleased that our product has been appreciated by parents and children. This motivates us to work even harder on better design solutions and to develop even better models.