Exercise mats

Exercise Mats are perfect for fitness training or rehabilitation. They are made of the best quality materials that will ensure flexibility and high durability. The gymnastic mat does not absorb odors and sweat. Anti-slip material guarantees high adhesion to the floor. We also offer mats with a mandala – a unique proposal for those who practice yoga.

Large rehabilitation balls

Rehabilitation balls, inflatable will help to stretch the muscles of the spine, they are also perfect for pregnant women.

Balls with spikes

Spiked balls, resemble hedgehogs, are great for proper blood circulation in the body, stimulate the loosening of fascial adhesions, loosening of tendons and muscle tissue. Spiked balls can be used as an adjunct to running, yoga or Pilates exercises, cross fit or gymnastics. Just “spruce up” the tension and stimulate blood circulation!

Resistance rubbers

Widely used in aerobic training, fitness classes, as well as in rehabilitation and general training, colorful fitness bands are an inexpensive and extremely easy-to-use fitness tool with many applications.

In the category of easy-to-use, inexpensive, yet multi-functional exercise equipment, the exercise rubber band is unrivaled. It is an ideal choice for people who want to improve physical body functions or strengthen muscles.

The main advantage of our product is its durability. The quality of the resistance bands is guaranteed by the high-quality materials used in their production. Their small size combined with versatility make them an ideal tool for home use. A small space is enough to perform any series of exercises with their help.