Educational tower

Educational tower

In response to the demand of our customers, we have started producing new kitchen helpers for children. This time, in addition to an improved form and we have introduced new color variants.

Young children want to be everywhere and eagerly watch their parents cooking in the kitchen. How do we know this?, from experience, being parents ourselves, we know perfectly well that children necessarily want to stand next to mom and dad to help wash the salad in the kitchen or roll out the dough for cookies.

Safety should always come first. An educational tower allows children to be at “adult height,” and guarantees that they will be safe. This is especially important when there are also pets in the house.

The dead weight of the educational tower also contributes to its stability. That’s why we especially recommend our models that are made of solid wood.

Ergonomic educational towers allow a child to play for several years , which is why our new line of educational towers is equipped with a four-stage adjustable platform. In this way, you can easily adjust it to your child’s height.

The educational tower is also designed so that the child can climb up and down independently, rather than having to be lifted. It promotes children’s independence and self-confidence, and thus is completely in line with our core motto of supporting children “Help me do it myself.”

The new production line of KCH03 educational towers is made of safe wood, in addition to the basic model in natural color, we have also created color models. So the colors available range from natural color through brown, gray, white also in super modern color – black.